Adding a second girls’ house


Renovating and updating our homes


Creating a campus

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What is More Hope?

Doubling the Girls We Serve and
Creating a Functional Four-Home Campus.

Each September, ambitious young people in need apply to Boys Hope Girls Hope. It is wrenching to turn so many away because we lack capacity, especially to serve young women. After detailed strategic planning and facilities assessment processes, we know we need to improve our existing homes and add another home for girls. We bravely envision a fully renovated “Four-Home Campus” comprising two girls’ and two boys’ homes, all on Gaffield Place.

This ambitious plan will provide multi-layered benefits:

  • Communication and program efficiencies including staffing, carpools, grocery shopping, cooking, and tutoring
  • Increased opportunities for Scholar collegiality and family-style fun
  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Improved house parent hiring and retention


graduate from high school


graduate from college*


hours each Scholar will study at the kitchen table while living in their BHGH home**


from families living at or below poverty line



additional income earned over lifetime with college degree

*compared to 15% from lowest socioeconomic quartile, nationally, US Census Bureau 2020
**variation depends on grade of entry

More Hope Timeline

Timelines are fluid, so we will update this upon occasion.

We’ve already made great progress on our 2020 Strategic Plan for growth.

In August 2020, we closed on 820 Gaffield and renovations are complete. In August of 2023, we closed on 824 Gaffield, right next door. Our original homes, built in the 1920s, have failing plumbing and mechanical systems, are in desperate need of updating, and have never had adequate spaces for our House Parents. Both 823 and 827 Gaffield need thorough renovation. We have engaged Airoom Architects and Builders to plan and execute renovations at 823 and 827 Gaffield and the boys from those houses will live at 820 while the work is completed at their homes. Then we will renovate 824 Gaffield Place to prepare this home to welcome more girls.


The new construction will be sturdy and well-designed for our mission.

Building to DCFS and institutional specs, including sprinkler systems, fire doors, ADA compliance, and durable finishes for long-term 24/7 teen use, costs 1.25 times normal residential construction. After years of increasingly expensive repairs, the time for complete renovations and purpose-building for our program needs has come. Fortunately, these properties are in the Northwestern University student neighborhood. So, if for any reason we needed to deaccession a home, permanently or temporarily, it would be perfectly suited to college student rental/occupation.

827 Gaffield Place
823 Gaffield Place
820 Gaffield Place
824 Gaffield Place

How do we achieve More Hope?

Costs to Build and Renovate the Four-Home Campus.

The total anticipated funds to be raised for our planned four-home campus including home purchases, institutional grade renovations, ADA requirements, sprinkler systems, permits, zoning approval, architectural design, marketing/fundraising costs and contingencies, fourth home sustaining income for investment is estimated at $4.4M – $5.4M.

823 Gaffield living/dining proposed design rendering

Campus Vision Capital Campaign Expenses and Revenue

823/827 front yard proposed design rendering

820/824 front yard proposed design rendering

Boys Hope Girls Hope’s program centers on safe, nurturing homes in which Scholars will study and grow. From these homes, we teach our Scholars the tools they need to succeed in high school, college, and career.

Welcoming neighborhoods, engaged mentors, and ambitious classmates help our Scholars see the world beyond generational poverty and build personal and professional networks they can rely on for the rest of their lives. When our alums share what it means to be a part of the BHGH family, it is profoundly moving. Many say if it were not for this program, they might not be high school graduates, they would not be college graduates, and, more strikingly, that they might not be alive.


Kate Harken, Director of Philanthropy
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