We’re looking for motivated young people
with grit and determination

Know of someone you’d like to nominate for the program? Here’s why you should consider:

Our program is designed to help motivated young people who need the space to thrive with a sturdy foundation for success. We enhance the education of our scholars by providing individualized guidance and maintaining stability and structure in a nurturing environment. Each scholar participates in many enrichment opportunities to support academic and personal development. The Boys Hope Girls Hope experience is a long-term, voluntary, holistic scholarship program.


Applicants for Boys Hope Girls Hope must be:

  • Current 6th, 7th, or 8th-grade student
  • Hold an 80 or above GPA (other candidates may be considered)
  • Desire to attend and graduate from a 4-year college
  • Ambitious and motivated, and have positive goals and a cooperative work ethic
  • Capable of thriving in an academically rigorous setting and completing challenging coursework; free from behavioral or substance abuse issues and learning disabilities
  • Willing to adapt to Boys Hope Girls Hope’s value-centered, family-like environment and embrace high expectations in showing concern for others
  • A leader in the making who seeks to improve yourself and your community
  • From a family that is willing to collaborate with the program team and accompany their child on the journey to academic achievement and personal growth
  • In need of access to a quality education, with family or community factors that impede academic and personal success

Family is integral to every scholar’s success.

Partnership with parents and guardians is essential to the Boys Hope Girls Hope program. We work closely with families and include parents in goal setting and decisions related to their scholars’ health, well-being and academic achievement. Scholars who join the program are expanding their family-like network to include other Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars, collegians, alumni, team members, and mentors from the community.

Although Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois is not a traditional family service agency, many parents and guardians benefit from services provided by the program, including information on, and referral to, community resources, parenting guidance, crisis intervention, and informal counseling.



Online Referral/Application


Interview &
Need Assessment


Guardian Provides Information


Review of Academics and Records


Affiliate Site Visits


Assessment & Evaluation


Final Admission Decision

The first step is a referral.